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The new UNKNOWN collection by Entree LS makes a clear statement: fresh apparel does not need a name! Thereby the label distances itself from the trend of buying streetwear only on grounds of hype and brand image whilst disregarding the quality. Whereas the UNKNOWN fashion line stands for a premium fashioning with extra fine materials and a look that opens new futuristic spheres.

UNKNOWN by entree – style and quality do not need a name

From no-name to UNKNOWN – entering the streetwear scene was a hard challenge for the founders of Entree LS. The guys started just like a lot of other labels by selling a low-budget collection from the back of a pick-up truck. Rejected from hundreds of stores and buyers, they did not event think about giving up. In 2007 the label finally has reached the status of a top dog in contemporary and innovative streetwear but yet representing the optimism, passion and stamina of an underdog.
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