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Adidas Boost

Adidas Boost

Adidas Boost is not only the game changer for the Three Stripes from Germany, but also a revolution for the entire running and sneaker scene. The innovative cushioning system - which was introduced in spring 2013 and set a new benchmark for comfort, lightweight and stability - redefined adidas footwear and made the brand hipper than ever.

A boost midsole, which kinda reminds you of white and soft styrofoam, consists of over 2 500 energy capsules that form an own cell structure. It delivers the highest energy return in any running product, giving back energy with every step. Chapeau to the adidas team – not only is the tech expertly but the design is explosively successful. Runners are not the only ones wearing the boost models anymore, the entire sneakerworld is thrilled.

Kanye West - rap legend, fashion god and adidas ambassador - helped to this hype. If you do not wear Yeezys, you will have it difficult in today‘s sneaker world… but do not worry, adidas has fitted several of their product lines with their pioneering cushioning. Lifestyle sneakers such as the NMDS, Oldschool classics like the Superstar and brandnew basketball performance shoes such as the Crazylight Exploisve are equipped with probably the most comfortable and hippest cushioning system at present.