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Cleveland Cavaliers at

Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Gegründet: 1970
  • |
  • History: Cleveland Cavaliers (1970-today)
  • |
  • Team Colors: Blue, Orange, Silver, Black, White
  • |
  • Arena: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
  • |
  • Championships: 1
  • |
  • Head Coach: Tyronn Lue
  • |
  • Arrivals: Sam Dekker, Channing Frye, David Nwaba
  • |
  • Departures: LeBron James, Jeff Green, Jose Calderon
  • |
  • Rookies: Collin Sexton
  • |
  • Key Players: Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, George Hill, Jordan Clarkson
  • |
  • Franchise GOAT: LeBron James


Position Name Number Height Weight Date of Birth School
Guard Clarkson, Jordan 8 1,96 m 88 kg 07.06.1992 Missouri
Guard Hill, George 3 1,91 m 85 kg 04.05.1986 IUPUI
Guard Korver, Kyle 26 2,01 m 96 kg 17.03.1981 Creighton
Guard Nwaba, David 12 1,93 m 95 kg 14.01.1993 Cap Poly San Luis Obispo
Guard Sexton, Collin 2 1,88 m 83 kg 04.01.1999 Alabama
Guard/Forward Holland, John 10 1,96 m 93 kg 06.11.1988 Boston University
Guard/Forward Osman, Cedi 16 2,03 m 98 kg 08.04.1995 Turkey
Guard/Forward Smith, J. R. 5 1,98 m 102 kg 09.09.1985 St. Benedict's Prep
Forward Dekker, Sam 15 2,06 m 104 kg 06.05.1994 Wisconsin
Forward Frye, Channing 9 2,11 m 116 kg 17.05.1983 Arizona
Forward Hood, Rodney 1 2,03 m 93 kg 20.10.1992 Duke
Forward Nance, Larry 22 2,06 m 104 kg 01.01.1993 Wyoming
Forward Preston, Billy 20 2,08 m 109 kg 26.10.1997 Oak Hill Academy
Forward/Center Love, Kevin 0 2,08 m 114 kg 07.09.1988 UCLA
Forward/Center Thompson, Tristan 13 2,06 m 108 kg 13.03.1991 Texas
Forward/Center Zizic, Ante 41 2,11 m 113 kg 04.01.1997 Croatia

Final Destination

After the Cleveland Cavaliers have been the measure of all things in the Eastern Conference in recent years, the tide is now turning. LeBron's exodus means a complete new beginning in Believeland and the certainty that nothing will be as it was.

For the Cavs LeBron James was always more than just a basketball player. It was their OWN superstar, the son from Ohio, on whom all hopes of a city rested, that was synonymous for sports failure. Cleveland fans were ridiculed and mocked for decades. Then LeBron, the savior, promised Cleveland an NBA title, kept his promise and left the city. Twice. This left wounds that will not heal quickly.

Basketball fever in Cleveland is now extinct and several seats in the Quicken Loans Arena will remain vacant this year. What's left of the Cavaliers will at best be able to compete for one of the last playoff spots. That's how success will be measured in the upcoming years. Unless they find a second LeBron.

Kevin, home alone


You can almost feel sorry for Kevin Love. Of the former super team in Cleveland, only he is left. Kyrie is in Boston, LeBron is in LA. And the Cavaliers are going to be a one-man show this season, with Love being the only real star to anchor both offense and defense.

For Love, this role is not new. For the first 6 years of his career he played in Minnesota, becoming one of the league's best forwards and basically doing everything short of cheerleading. A true go-to-guy for his team, who almost single-handedly got his team some wins. That was 5 years ago.

After playing the past few years in the shadow of King James and Kyrie Irving and shelving his own offense, Love will have to return to his old role in Minnesota. The now 30-year-old logged the fewest minutes of play since his rookie season and scored "only" 17 points per game. If the Cavs want a shot at a playoff spot in the East, Kevin will have to play a lot more, score a lot more and take on a lot more responsibilities.


Kevin Love


J.R. Smith


George Hill


Jordan Clarkson


Larry Nance Jr.


Rodney Hood


To be perfectly clear the golden age of the Cavaliers is over. That should come as no surprise come to think that the league's best player has left the team. It gets even more obvious when you look at the remaining roster.

The large collection of role-players who were hauled in to support the King are now on their own. All of them willing to take on the star role in the team and to shine by scoring a lot of points. A team that desperately needs points is J.R. Smith's wet dream, who has been waiting for the "fire at will!" green-light for years. Same goes for Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood who would love to put an end to their shadowy existence. And who's to stop them? Ty Lue is not exactly a coach who commands discipline.

It will be interesting to see how the Cavaliers find their way around the new situation. Do they make the best of it, barely make the playoffs and then bow out out in the first round? Or do they go into full tank mode, lose a ton of games and hope for a good draft position? We guess it's the latter.

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