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DreamTeam Clothing, also DRMTM, is a young streetwear brand based in Düsseldorf. Initially founded in 2006 DRMTM is also a online plattform, magazine & community for all people interested in streetculture. They get some additional creative input by collaborating with djs, designers and artists from the field of streetculture. Which is reflected in the collections.

DRMTM, be part of the DremTeam

The shirts, hoodies and jackets from DRMTM can be easily recognised. Fancy prints, strong color contrasts and a playful inserted logo, provides a unique style. Another innovation is the streetculture community section at DreamTeam Clothing. Everyone can build up its own „DreamTeam“ by connecting to people around the globe sharing the same interests. DreamTeam Clothing aims to give their readers the chance to be part of the DreamTeam Clothing world.
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