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Ecko is one of the biggest streetwear labels in the world and employs one of the most successful designers: Marc Ecko. As a teenager, he sprayed shirts with graffiti in his parents' garage. When he walked trough the streets of his neighborhood, wearing his shirts, he always was praised for his individual creations. Soon he also designed models for his friends. That was the beginning of an inimitable design career. Just a few years later Marc Ecko founded his own label, which especially attracts attention due to its unique and revolutionary style. Till this day he stays true to this style: the shirts are chracterized by striking prints, but also colorful hoodies and jackets are part of every new collection.

Ecko – Graffiti style right from the start

Furthermore Ecko designs shorts and jeans in streetstyle, which are often kept in used look. They have a comfortable cut, but aren't too widely. Ecko has two product lines: Ecko Unlimited stands for Streetwear for men and Ecko Red for women. Meanwhile, Ecko-style has developed to a big part of hip hop cultur and is worn by rappers as also by breakdancers. In 2006, the brand attracted attention, when Marc Ecko sprayed a commercial with the lettering „Still Free“ for the american president's Air Force One. The Video went around the world and was on the top ten of YouTube for months. Campaigns like this one increase the name recognition of Ecko and so they always come up with something new.
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