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For Bare Feet

The famly-owned company FOR BARE FEET has probably one of the most beautiful but also saddest brandstories that has ever been written: around 1984 Sharon Rivenbark, former school teacher, started a sock manufacturing company. With 1200$ she borrowed from her parents, she bought an antique banner knitting machine and some shop space in Nashville, Indiana. The business was especially to be for her son. At a age of 18, doctors diagnosed a serious disease to Tim and predicted that he would be mentally handicapped in the foreseeable future. The sock factory should give Tim a place in the world and a business of his own. The unique designd and patterns Sharon knit were an instant success.

FOR BARE FEET: For the true NBA fans

Many shop owners from neighboring cities asked Sharon to offer the socks for resale in their shops. Tim passed away in January of 1987, but Sharon did not want to give up the legacy of her son. For Bare Feet now produces thousands of designs of socks for an incredible array of clients. It is also a league-licensed producer of socks, headbands and wristbands for the MLB, NFL, NHL and WNBA. The socks, headbands and wristbands that you see the NBA players wearing on the court are from For Bare Feet too. Main reason is probably that Sharon, after all these years of success, always insists on the highest quality, graphics and service.

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