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Terrace shoes today are as popular as ever. But where does the term come from originally and what does it mean? Attention sneakerheads, here is your history lesson for today:

The term originates from the english football scene, more precisely the „British Football Terraces“. The style of English Hooligans was an essential part of youth culture in the 70s and influenced even ashion beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. It could be argued that these were indeed the first sneakerheads, our ancestors if you will. Dressed like tennis stars of that era, clothing from brands like Fila & Co. and shoes that had that classic tennis shoe silhouette were a common sight in every day life.

Puma Clyde, Nike Cortez, adidas Samba, Converse One Star - all these Terrace shoes are immortal classics now. Particularly the white rubber outsole was the one design element that all trendy sneakers of that era had in common. Simple and clean, this timeless sneaker is still celebrated after decades of use and is proudly worn by hip hop stars, skate crews and fashion aficionados.

Today Terrace streetwear has become almost mainstream. But we can’t hate, because these shoes are cult classics, clean and untouchable. Old school, true school.