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On May 20, 1879 the tailor Jacob Davis and the wholesaler Levi Strauss receive a patent from the U.S.-American patent authority, it´s the birth of the original Levi´s jeans. With a small shop in San Francisco began what will shape the street style forever: the first modern jeans were sold to the workers of Westamerika. Cowboys, lumberjacks and railroad workers wore their daily Levi´s pants – to this authentic origin the labels is still loyal in its design.

Levi´s – the original

Copied thousand times, Levi´s is the real original. Cuts like the 501 are so legendary that they are carried from generation to generation. The desig is so ingenious that it have become an integral part of everyday life. Levi´s ist not just satisfied by manufacturing the world´s best trousers, but also convinces through its high-quality shirts, shorts and hoodies. The clean design remains true to its origins, but closes seamlessly with the modern styles. Levi´s, that is the epitome of timeless classics and natural coolness.
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