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LION BASE is a documentary photo book that illustrates the creation process - and gives a revealing glimpse into the lives of the LION BASE crew - consisting of 20 struggling adolescents in Freetown, Sierra Leone. In addition to visualizing the making-of process of the BATIK Edition, the book features a variety of unseen footage from the "Inside Out" project by street artist JR, showing the typical oversize portaits of the very same protagonists of this *folorunsho project. Those 20 street kids from Freetown (Sierra Leone) have created a stunning variety of patterns using traditional batik techniques. These unique fabrics were then manufactured into 20 one-of-a kind pair of sneakers.
LION BASE provides an intimate perspective at the raw life in the streets of Freetown, documenting the life these 20 youths were living under horrendous circumstances: The book's stunning imagery invites you into a reality that most of us are unable to imagine. The book is only available at selected locations for a retail price of 35,-. All profits will go to the *folorunsho Sharity to provide an education and adequate living conditions for the LION BASE crew. It's not about charity. It's all about sharing!
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