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New York Knicks at Kickz.com

New York Knicks

  • Founded: 1946
  • |
  • History: New York Knicks (1988-today)
  • |
  • Team Colors: Blue, Orange, Silver, Black, White
  • |
  • Arena: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
  • |
  • Championships: 2
  • |
  • Head Coach: David Fizdale
  • |
  • Arrivals: Mario Hezonja, Noah Vonleh
  • |
  • Departures: Michael Beasley, Kyle O'Quinn
  • |
  • Rookies: Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson
  • |
  • Key Players: Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., Enes Kanter, Trey Burke
  • |
  • Franchise GOAT: Patrick Ewing


Position Name Number Height Weight Date of Birth School
Guard Allen, Kadeem - 1,91 m 91 kg 15.01.1993 Arizona
Guard Baker, Ron 31 1,93 m 100 kg 30.03.1993 Wichita State
Guard Burke, Trey 23 1,85 m 87 kg 12.11.1992 Michigan
Guard Dotson, Damyean 21 1,96 m 95 kg 06.05.1994 Houston
Guard Lee, Courtney 5 1,96 m 91 kg 03.10.1985 Western Kentucky
Guard Mudiay, Emmanuel 1 1,96 m 91 kg 05.03.1996 Prime Prep Academy
Guard Ntilikina, Frank 11 1,96 m 86 kg 28.07.1998 France
Guard Trier, Alonzo 14 1,96 m 90 kg 17.01.1996 Arizona
Guard/Forward Hardaway Jr., Tim 3 1,98 m 93 kg 16.03.1992 Michigan
Guard/Forward Hezonja, Mario 8 2,03 m 99 kg 25.02.1995 Croatia
Forward Hicks, Isaiah 4 2,06 m 110 kg 24.07.1994 North Carolina
Forward Knox, Kevin 20 2,06 m 96 kg 11.08.1999 Kentucky
Forward Thomas, Lance 42 2,03 m 107 kg 24.04.1988 Duke
Forward Vonleh, Noah 30 2,06 m 111 kg 24.08.1995 Indiana
Forward/Center Kornet, Luke 2 2,16 m 113 kg 15.07.1995 Vanderbilt
Forward/Center Porzingis, Kristaps 6 2,21 m 109 kg 02.08.1995 Latvia
Center Kanter, Enis 00 2,11 m 111 kg 20.05.1992 Turkey
Center Noah, Joakim 13 2,11 m 104 kg 25.02.1985 Florida
Center Robinson, Mitchell 26 2,16 m 102 kg 01.04.1998 Chalmette HS

The big irrelevant

The NBA is always the most fun when the Knicks play well. That's just a fact. The league needs the boiling Madison Square Garden, the foul-mouthed Spike Lee, and the city that never sleeps to love and to hate.

Unfortunately the Knicks are no longer an NBA elite team. Through countless questionable front office moves and overall lack of talent they have become largely irrelevant. The only glimmer of hope is a 2.21-meter Latvian who has revolutionized his position in just three years. The future of the entire franchise depends on Kristaps Porzingis.

And that's exactly where the problem lies. The fact that almost the whole team was built around Porzingis means the Knicks are not worth much without him. The 23-year-old has still not recovered from his cruciate ligament rupture last February and so far it is unknown when he will return to the court. The team would do well to consider alternatives in the meantime. But how do you replace a "unicorn"?

The Unicorn


No one knows in what condition Kristaps Porzingis will start this season or when. The Latvian tore his cruciate ligament at the middle of last season and has since played no game, let alone participated in training. That was almost 8 months ago. Even if the 23-year-old is now fully recovered after the serious injury, it will take time until he can perform at top level again.

Porzingis is not only the best player on the roster, he is the franchise player on which all hope rests. There is a reason why he is called "the unicorn". There is nobody else like him. Despite his 2.21 meters, he moves as fast as a guard and has a great shot from outside. At his best Porzingis is simply unguardable.

All the more important for the Knicks not to risk the long-term health of their star here. They will not let Porzingis back on the court until he is 100% healthy and in perfect playing condition. That could take months.


Kristaps Porzingis


Tim Hardaway Jr.


Enes Kanter


Trey Burke


Courtney Lee


Emmanuel Mudiay


The main problem facing the Knicks is to decide at what point it's no longer worth playing Porzingis at all. Without him they will probably lose a ton of games. It may well be that when he comes back, the Knicks have little to no chance of making the playoffs. Why let him play for a lost cause?

For the Knicks, it would make sense to "park" Porzingis for a season and secure a top draft pick through a bad season. Unlikely? Perhaps. But that's exactly how the San Antonio Spurs got Tim Duncan.

Being a key player in the Knicks means profiting from Kristaps Porzingis' triple threat and the attention that comes along with it. On their own, neither Hardaway nor Kanter nor Burke will be able to generate enough offense to keep the New Yorkers afloat. Number 9 Draft Pick Kevin Knox is talented but at age 19 still far from doing any significant damage.

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