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alpha industries N3B VF 59

Artikelnummer: #109219300
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materiaal: 100% Nylon
Merk SKU:  103141
Cold Weather Jacket ...
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alpha industries N3B VF 59
materiaal: 100% Nylon
Cold Weather Jacket

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When it is about streetwear ALPHA INDUSTRIES literally knows how to make you fly. Not only because of high quality and unconventional design but also because of their knowldege in manufacturing outerwear for the US Military. Since more than 50 years the brand produces items like flight jackets, hoods and army raincoats. Over the years the style has not not only appealed to soldiers and pilots but also to the whole fashion world.

Alpha industries – ready for take off?

Presenting Alpha Industries in their first domestic and international marketing campaign in 1994, the plane of success took off. The clothes found their way to the wardrobe of Hollywood stars, rock stars and world famous sportspeople. And even after 50 years there is no landing in sight as stars like Clint Eastwood, David Beckham, Kanye West and Pharrell Wiliams appreciate the brand for what it is: a high flyer in the fashion industry.

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