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Evolution of Basketball 1960

Evolution of Basketball Shoes - 1960s

The Converse All-Star aka Chuck Taylor is widely known as the first full-blooded basketball shoe ever. And even though its history can be traced back to 1917, the big on-court breakthrough came only in the 50s and even more so in the 60s.

But the broad history of basketball shoes in the 1960s is also a short one. There was the Converse All-Star in black and there was the Converse All-Star in white. That's it. Not before the end of the decade did Converse decide to produce other colorways.

In the NBA the Boston Celtics dominated the competition like probably no other team will ever again. With legendary center Bill Russell patrolling the middle, the Celtics reached the NBA Finals 13 times between 1957 and 1969, winning 11 championships. Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West also shaped the basketball world during this time but ultimately could not do anything about the Celtics dominance. Chamberlain who was arguably the most dominant basketball player of all time broke dozens of records (many of which still hold true today), but the perfect team play and defense of the Celtics, who were coached by Red Auerbach, were impossible to overcome even for him.

Today only a few sneaker connoisseurs know that the "Chuck" is really a basketball shoe. Still it is the prime example for the fact that basketball like no other sport has always shaped sneaker-history.