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Evolution of Basketball 1970

Evolution of Basketball Shoes - 1970s

Basketball footwear experienced an explosion of diversity in the 1970s. Where only a couple of years before one single shoe ruled the NBA floor, the 70s brought new NBA stars with new basketball shoes. Adidas came out with the Superstar, Pro Ked brought the Royal Master, Pony released the Topstar, Nike came out with the Blazer and Puma gave a bright young superstar his own sneaker. The Puma Clyde was born.

Of course the player mentioned here is no other than legendary Knicks point guard Walt "Clyde" Frazier, who brought the swag full tilt before the word was even invented. With a suede upper and a wider sole for a better stand the Clyde became one of the most popular shoes in the NBA of the 70s.

Like many other basketball shoes of thar era, the Puma Clyde found its way off the court and onto the streets eventually, now being an essential part of lifestyle sneaker culture, even though today only a few know this shoes' true basketball roots.

While the Celtics ruled the NBA like no other team in the 60s, the 70s saw eight different teams winning the title with only the Celtics and the Knicks winning it twice. Worth mentioning is the unbelievable winning streak of the Lakers (33 wins straight) and the emergence of the first Above-The-Rim superstar in NBA history: Julius "Dr. J" Erving who would become an idol to one certain Michael Jeffrey Jordan.