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adidas originals


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material: Leather,Rubber Textile,Synthetic Textile Rubber
Brand SKU:  S76540
The ADIDAS SUPERSTAR has returned! First released way back in 1969, the combination of leather upper and toeshell still goes hard almost 50 years later. When NBA and NCAA stars started prefering the Superstar to ...
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adidas originals SUPERSTAR 80S METAL
material: Leather,Rubber Textile,Synthetic Textile Rubber

The ADIDAS SUPERSTAR has returned! First released way back in 1969, the combination of leather upper and toeshell still goes hard almost 50 years later. When NBA and NCAA stars started prefering the Superstar to the canvas shoes they wore before, Adidas' sneaker started gaining some serious momentum. With Kareem Abdul Jabbar being in his best years, millions of fans laid eyes on his shoes. Kids wanted to be like Kareem and – of course – got themselves the same shoes. But the hype truly exceeded all expectations when Queens rap group Run DMC started wearing them combined with their iconic Adidas tracksuits. On stage performances were officially 'Adidas approved'. They even honored the Superstar with their song 'My Adidas' on their LP 'Raising Hell'. Loose laces and pulled up tongue – a true classic like no other. Now the SUPERSTAR 80's METAL celebrates its return and turns the toeshell into metal! Thanks to the enormous success over the years, the 'beat of the street' isn't done yet – and probably never ever will be.

  • Brand: Adidas
  • Product name: Superstar 80's Metal
  • Material: Leather/Synthetic
  • Color: White/White/Core Black
  • Absolute classic and instrumental for the hip hop and basketball world
  • High quality smooth leather upper
  • Characteristic, robust metal toe box
  • Durable, non-slip rubber outsole

Brand information: adidas originals

Adidas is one of the world`s leading manufacturers of sports equipment and is deeply rooted within the game of basketball. The brand with the three stripes changed the world of basketball sneakers drastically in the early 70s. Players of the NBA wore Converse All Stars also known as „Chucks“ up until this point, but the shoes could barely meet athlete`s requirements anymore. With the „Superstar“, Adidas released a shoe that would prove groundbreaking and revolutionary for the future of the sneaker game.
The low top „Superstar“ was built from the „Supergrip“ and was the first basketball sneaker completely made of genuine leather. This, as well as the rubber shell toe piece (hence the nickname „shell toes) made the shoe more resistant and due to the herringbone-system integrated in the sole very grippy. By the middle of the 70s about 75 percent of the league`s players wore „Superstars“ and in 1976 none other than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar signed a contract with Adidas. Abdul-Jabbar, the all time leader in points made the brand and the „Superstars“ as famous as his signature move – the „sky hook“. From there until the mid-80s Adidas ruled the NBA – it was „all adidas everything“!

From Superstars and Attitude to KB8

In the 80s Adidas stayed with the concept of creating shoes for centers. By the middle of the decade New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing was sporting his own signature sneaker – the „Attitude“. Following in his footsteps was defensive monster Dikembe Mutombo in the early 90s, with his very own „Mutombo“. They would end the series of Centers when they signed a rookie named Kobe Bryant in 1996. Kobe and his „KB8“ gave Adidas a major boost in all things basketball until 2002. The german company got its hoops groove back and was able to sign some of the biggest names in the game like Tracy McGrady, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett.
Today, about 70 players of the NBA rock their Adidas on a nightly basis. Among them are Superstars Derrick Rose, John Wall and Damian Lillard – three explosive and spectacular Point Guards wearing their Adidas signature sneakers. This does not only add true Point Gods to the brands roster, it gives the three stripes a boost in credibility among basketball fans.

Adidas & KICKZ – impossible is nothing

Since its foundation in 1993, KICKZ has a strong cooperation with Adidas. At KICKZ, you can shop for timeless Adidas Basketball shoes like the „Superstars“ in different colorways, or the latest signature sneakers of D-Rose, J-Wall und D-Lillard. If you are looking for warm-up gear or NBA jerseys, be it swingmen, legends or replica – KICKZ makes it happen, because we follow the same credo as Adidas: impossible is nothing. We have been providing you with the most exclusive Adidas products for more than 20 years now. And nothing is going change that in the future!

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