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Back in 1991, the year of Michael Jordan’s first NBA Championship with the Chicago Bulls, everybody wanted to “Be Like Mike“. That’s when Chicago-based sports drink company Gatorade landed the steal of the century and signed hometown hero and global icon Michael Jordan to a 10-year endorsement deal.

With MJ as the new face of their brand, Gatorade had to come up with something special for their first commercial. And that’s just what advertising exec Bernie Pitzel did. After seeing a preview of the first spot, Pitzel thought it was horrible, rejected it and came up with something new. The story goes that he sat down in his favorite restaurant and came back with the lyrics to “Be Like Mike“ scribbled on a napkin 4 hours later. Within 3 days, the idea was brought to life and TV audiences worldwide were hooked on the catchy tune…

To commemorate this one of a kind partnership between Michael Jordan and Gatorade, Jordan Brand has launched a special collection of apparel and shoes, including the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 32, with Gatorade branding. All styles will be available on KICKZ.com!