champion reverse weave Reverse Weave Terry Hoody

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material: 90% cotton 10% polyester
Brand SKU::  209758-1598
Reverse Weave Terry gr.430 ...
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material: 90% cotton 10% polyester
Reverse Weave Terry gr.430

Brand information: champion reverse weave

Champion USA – The Reverse Weave Collection is back!

With the revival of retro and 90s streetwear Champion decided to bless the european street- and sportswear community with a relaunch of their famous Reverse Weave Collection, marking the 60th Anniversary of the year when they first patented the Reverse Weave procedure. The idea for it came from the American coaches of the 40s. They wanted to be able to wash the uniforms of their athletes all together without the risk of damaging them. In order to avoid horizontal shrinkage, the fiber fleece is turned upright at the time of creation. To avoid shrinkage instead in the opposite direction all Reverse Weave sweatshirts are characterized by panels on the cuffs, neck and bottom of the sweatshirts. What a masterstroke!