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Chicago Bulls at

Chicago Bulls

  • Founded: 1966
  • |
  • History: Chicago Bulls (1966-today)
  • |
  • Team Colors: Red, Black, White
  • |
  • Arena: United Center, Chicago, Illinois
  • |
  • Championships: 6
  • |
  • Head Coach: Fred Hoiberg
  • |
  • Arrivals: Jabari Parker
  • |
  • Departures: Jerian Grant, David Nwaba, Quincy Pondexter, Noah Vonleh, Paul Zipser, Sean Kilpatrick
  • |
  • Rookies: Wendell Carter Jr., Chandler Hutchison
  • |
  • Key Players: Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine, Nikola Mirotic, Kris Dunn
  • |
  • Franchise GOAT: Michael Jordan


Position Name Number Height Weight Date of Birth School
Guard Alkins, Rawle 20 1,96 m 100 kg 29.10.1997 Arizona
Guard Arcidiacono, Ryan 15 1,91 m 88 kg 26.03.1994 Villanova
Guard Blakeney, Antonio 9 1,93 m 89 kg 04.10.1996 LSU
Guard Cleveland, Antonius 0 1,98 m 88 kg 02.02.1994 Southeast Missouri State
Guard Dunn, Kris 32 1,93 m 95 kg 18.03.1994 Providence
Guard LaVine, Zach 8 1,96 m 84 kg 10.03.1995 UCLA
Guard Payne, Cameron 11 1,91 m 84 kg 08.08.1994 Murray State
Guard Walton, Derrick 11 1,85 m 84 kg 03.04.1995 Michigan
Guard/Forward Holiday, Justin 7 1,98 m 84 kg 05.04.1989 Washington
Forward Carter, Wendell 34 2,08 m 114 kg 16.04.1999 Duke
Forward Hutchison, Chandler - 2,01 m 89 kg 26.04.1994 Boise State
Forward Markkanen, Lauri 24 2,13 m 104 kg 22.05.1997 Arizona
Forward Parker, Jabari 2 2,03 m 113 kg 15.05.1995 Duke
Forward Portis, Bobby 5 2,11 m 112 kg 10.02.1995 Arkansas
Forward Valentine, Denzel 54 1,98 m 97 kg 16.11.1993 Michigan State
Forward/Center Felicio, Cristiano 6 2,06 m 127 kg 07.07.1992 CCSE Prep
Center Asik, Ömer 3 2,13 m 116 kg 04.07.1986 Turkey
Center Lopez, Robin 42 2,13 m 126 kg 01.04.1988 Stanford

Too many Indians

The Chicago Bulls have a little problem. The team is full of Indians, but what they really need is a chief. Whose team is it? Zach LaVines? Jabari Parkers? Or Lauri Markkanens? This season should bring the answer.

Actually, Markkanen has to be the player everything revolves around. He is the most versatile in the squad, can play virtually all positions and he regularly finds the open man when he is double teamed. You will get more open shots if you let the offense run through Markkanen. Unfortunately knowing things and putting things into action are not the same thing.

The Bulls have enough talent to reach the playoffs in the East without a designated leader. With Wendell Carter Junior, they also have a rookie who, like Markkanen, should be far ahead of his time and can support the team right from the start. Kris Dunn is a capable point guard who can't shoot, but is a beast on defense.

The Finnish Line


Although Lauri Markkanen was seventh in last year's NBA Draft, his excellent rookie season came as a surprise to many experts. While recognizing the his great talent and versatility, no one would have thought he'd be NBA-ready after just one year of college.

For a power forward Markkanen has prime size with 2.13 meters. Still like many new generation players, he can switch to multiple positions. He was used as a small forward and as a stretch-five last season several times and excelled. The Bulls should be his team. Will veterans Lavine and Parker bow to it?

It rarely happens that a rookie comes into the league and takes hold of a team like Lauri Markkanen. It almost never happens with Europeans. Superstars like Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Parker took years to develop. Markkanen was ready from the get go. He simply copied his college stats to the NBA as if it were nothing. That's scary.


Lauri Markkanen


Zach LaVine


Denzel Valentine


Bobby Portis


Kris Dunn


Robin Lopez


Both LaVine and Parker have had surgeries on the cruciate ligament. Parker more than once. One has to wonder if it's wise to rely too much on them, especially since both are known for playing horrible defense. Newcomer Parker even said recently: "They don't pay players to play defense." Well, that's just perfect.

Last year, the Bulls finished 30th in the league for defense of 2-point shots. In a league of 30 teams being last in defense is not the best sign for a successful season. This year the main problem of the Bulls will be again to prevent their opponents from scoring. Even good defensive players like Dunn and Lopez look dumb if LaVine and Parker do not help out and rotate.

Until the Bulls have determined clearly who is on top in their pecking order chaos reigns supreme in Chicago. Head coach Fred Hoiberg is on the hot seat and players will not follow him blindly. Whether he can hold the job until the All-Star Break remains to be seen. However the Bulls' squad is too good to be a division bottom dweller. The playoffs are more than probable, which in turn does not speak for the Eastern Conference.

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