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material: 100% Cotton
Color: Black
Brand SKU:  TS00509
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Item number: #138319001

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material: 100% Cotton
Color: Black

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Brand information: huf

For some people skateboarding is nothing but a strange way of moving along, standing on a piece of wood, pushing your ass off to make a few meters and annoying others with the loud sound of turning wheels. For others, exactly this sound is a drug and the soundtrack of their life. One of these guys is Keith Hufnagel – skateboarder and founder of HUF clothing. Keith sees skateboarding as a lifestyle that transcends race and social structure and exposes the individual to a world free of prejudice or restriction. Keith grew up skateboarding in the gritty streets of New York City's late-80s. In those days, skateboarding was a way to voice protest, it was punk rock, it was hip-hop and it was an opportunity to „do-it-yourself“. And that's what the passionate skateboarder did. Opening a small boutique on an offbeat block of San Francisco's Tenderloin District was the foundation stone of famous skate brand HUF.

HUF – do it yourself, do it in style

With its rapid growth and popularity, Hufnagel found the necessity to launch his own line, HUF, embracing skateboarding, streetwear, and sneaker fashion. Nearly a decade since its inception, HUF has evolved into an independent manufacturer of premium apparel, footwear, and skateboarding goods. The clothing with casual graphics and slogans contains the best that passing time has to offer – experience and dedication. No matter if u skate through rain, dust or mud - HUF clothing will last as long as your will to skate the streets of your city.

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