jordan kids Big Jordan Slim Jog Pant

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material: 60% cotton 40% polyester
Color: grey/silver
Brand SKU::  452967-K68-2
Sizing: 3-4 years = S 4-5 years = M 5-6 years = L 6-7 years = XL ...
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jordan kids Big Jordan Slim Jog Pant
material: 60% cotton 40% polyester
Color: grey/silver

3-4 years = S
4-5 years = M
5-6 years = L
6-7 years = XL

Brand information: jordan kids

Who wants to hit it big always has to start from scratch. That's why Jordan Brand also offers streetwear and basketball gear for the little fellas. With the Jordan Kids collection you can make sure that your kids look just as fresh as you do. From the most recent Jordan sneakers via jerseys to hoodies and more - Jordan regularly releases clothing for girls, boys and even babies. The well known „Jumpman“ logo is always part of the apparel. The „Jumpman“ shows the silhouette of Michael Jordan performing a dunk in the form of a ballet technique called Grand jeté.

Jordan Kids – love for the game is no matter of age

Even Michael Jordan had to start small. The basketball legend was born in 1963 in the New York district Brooklyn. It was his dad who first introduced the game of basketball to little MJ. It all began with a basketball hoop in the backyard where Michael used to play with his older brother Larry. In High School Michael was so keen on basketball that he already started practicing at 6.00 am. Hard work and his love for the game payed off. His talent was soon discovered and Michael Jordan showed the world how basketball was meant to be played.

Jordan – a brand without equal

Nowadays, Michael Jordan is known as the G.O.A.T., the greatest of all time. Number 23 of the Chicago Bulls has set the bar extremely high: His six championship rings, six MVPs, numerous scoring titles, not to mention his on-court heroics and breathtaking dunks, are the stuff legends are made of. He was not only a fascinating athlete, his charismatic smile and pleasant personality cast a spell over people – Michael Jordan had perfect commercial appeal. Nike recognized that as well. The brand needed a kick-starter and got a rocket boost in Jordan. In 1997 Nike decided to run Jordan as an independent brand. Ever since, Jordan Brand enjoys an incredible hype. Especially the Air Jordan signature sneakers are so desired that people even camp out in front of sneaker stores to get hold of one.