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material: nylon/synthetic
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Run Forrest, run! Three years, two months, 14 days – and 16 hours. That is how long Forrest Gump ran in the identically named movie. Starting in Alabama, all the way up to the South ...
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material: nylon/synthetic

Run Forrest, run! Three years, two months, 14 days – and 16 hours. That is how long Forrest Gump ran in the identically named movie. Starting in Alabama, all the way up to the South of the United States. Some distance, isn't it? When you think about the circumstances, you'd assume that he had the itch to run – not that he really had to. 'Why' you ask? The moment his big love Jenny gave him a NIKE CORTEZ pair as a present he lost his patience and laced them up only in a blink of a second. What followed afterwards is needless to say. A movie appearance nowadays would not be necessary when you think about the status the Cortez is enjoying: After all the Nike swoosh gained most of its popularity thanks to the swerving, classic and clean design it provided. Not that a Hollywood comeback would upset us sneakerfreaks – not at all, actually.

We write the year 1972: the Nike Company just established itself under a new name and immediately released the Cortez. And Nike delivered what they promised – to provide athletes with shoes living up to their expectation, and even exceeding those in the upcoming years. At the right time the majority of athletes familiarized the high-quality running shoe and realized that the Olympic Games are just around the corner. Due to the televized usage and a already skyrocketing popularity the sales figures went through the roof. 44 years have passed since then. Times and fashion constantly change over the years – but the Cortez is eternal. Through adapting and expanding the range with numerous colorways the classic never lost its groove. Always staying true to the herringbone outsole and a pleasant cushioning has been the key to success over the last decades, which originated into fan-favorite attributes – of course not missing out on the Classic Cortez Nylon. The sneaker kept the aesthetic vintage look as well as its notorious comfort and combines these two key attributes with a lightweight upper out of nylon and suede. Forrest may be feeling a need to slip into his beloved ones again.

  • Brand: Nike
  • Product name: Classic Cortez Nylon
  • Material: Nylon/Synthetic
  • Color: White/Black/Light Bone
  • Upper out of nylon and suede
  • Herringbone outsole
  • Classic design
  • Enhanced lacing

Brand information: nike

When it comes to basketball, there is no way around Nike – the brand with the Swoosh belongs to the game like dunks, three-pointers and cross-overs. Whether in the NBA, European leagues or your neighborhood streetball court – the world’s largest manufacturer of sports equipment is a staple in all things basketball since the 1980s.
The Nike „Blazer“, released in 1973, was the company’s first sneaker designed specifically for basketball. While the shoe was very functional for its time and was worn by NBA scoring machine George „Iceman“ Gervin, Nike still was not able to step out of other sports companies’ shadows. Following models of the early 80s, like the now legendary „Air Force 1“ and „Dunk“ also did not manage the success the company had hoped for. That all changed when in 1984/85 Michael Jordan decided to conquer the NBA and the shoe game with Nike. While the „Blazer“ was Nike’s way of politely knocking on the door of the basketball-sneaker world, they blew it out of its frame with the success of „His Airness“ and the „Air Jordan 1“.

Nike is the frontrunner in basketball

Ever since then Nike changed the game of basketball. The triumph of the AJ1 was not only the birth of the iconic „Air Jordan“ - dynasty. It also paved the way for a variety of shoe lines like the Flight, Hyperdunk, Air Max and Foamposites. Today about 60 percent of the NBA’s players rock the Swoosh. Among them are some of the biggest names of the game: From Sir Charles Barkley in the 90s, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant in the 2000s, to Lebron James and Kevin Durant today – the superstars of the NBA achieve mindblowing feats wearing their signature Nike sneakers.
Nike not only specializes in shoes though. These days ballers can dress up in perfomance sportswear bearing the Swoosh from t-shirts to hoodies, sweat pants, shorts, sweat bands and socks. Wearing Nike you can be sure that while playing your next game not only will you be outfitted in highly functional and valuable gear – you will also look pretty damn good wetting jumpers from all over the court.

Nike & Kickz since 93 … til infinity

Its fashionable and technologically flawless sneakers have made Nike the world’s leading basketball-shoe company. KICKZ knows who the king of the sneaker-game is as well: Since launching the company in 1993 we provide you with the best selection of Nike sneakers to this day. As one of only a few online-stores in Europe we supply sneakerheads with limited edition signature sneakers of superstars like Kobe, Lebron and Kevin Durant. So if you are looking for your exclusive Nike sneaker, look no further than the place basketball calls home: KICKZ.