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Basketball shoes - sporty and comfortable

The real sneakerheads among you know that sneakers aren't simply a kind of shoe – they are a way of life. Basketball shoes have long since left the court; as a life saver in all situations, you wear them to sports, clubs, and even dinners. There are a thousand variations: for lacing or slipping in, plain or with unusual patterns, with air cushions or without. Basketball shoes are sporty, extremely easy to style and above all - comfortable! As fashion pieces they are just as universal and influential as t-shirts and blue jeans.

Sneakers - from the Basketball Court to Streetwear

Is there actually any shoe that has made a faster ascent than the basketball shoe? Before the 1970s, basketball shoes were just random high-top shoes. Converse was the first to launch special basketball shoes with its legendary All Stars. A legend was born. The shoes conquered the streets in a very short time and still make a popular and casual fashion statement today.

The NBA star Walt "Clyde" Frazier was the first professional basketball player to have his own signature basketball shoe with his Puma Clydes. But that was just the beginning. Nike's real breakthrough came with a sneaker made exclusively for Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player of all time: the Air Jordan 1. From that point on, the hype was unstoppable. Every basketball shoe ever made found its way onto the street. Whether hip hop, high fashion or influencer cosmos - the basketball shoe is a comfortable companion and ultimate lifestyle statement.

The Basketball Shoe Lifestyle

No hip hop, no sneaker culture. Since the very beginning, the basketball shoe models by Nike and Adidas reached cult status on the hip hop scene. And when Adidas brought the legendary superstar onto the market and the rap trio Run DMC made it street- and hip-hop-capable, it was clear: it's a match. Today the basketball sneaker is also THE all-time favourite with fashion bloggers and comfort fanatics. Why wear other shoes? There are thousands of models, colours and shapes on the market. We have a huge selection of the most stylish basketball sneakers in your favourite colourways.

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