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47 by KICKZ

In 1947, twin brothers Arthur and Henry D'Angelo founded a company with the fitting name "Twin Enterprises”. The two entrepreneurial Italian immigrants recognised the business potential in sporting teams merchandise and began selling pendants and other memorabilia in front of Boston’s Fenway Park. With hard work, passionate dedication and sharp instincts, they transformed the company from a simple street cart, into a premier sports lifestyle brand. As an homage to the company's roots and its’ impressive history, the label was later renamed as '47.

'47 – Creating the future

'47 is an officially licensed partner of the four largest American sporting leagues- the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL- as well as over 650 colleges around the country. The brand's signature products are embroidered snapback caps, T-shirts with vintage team logos and sweatshirts with bold athletic prints. Using custom team colours and symbols, '47 stay true to the identity of the teams and their fans. As the second generation of D’Angelos has taken over, they have remained true to the original vision of the company. Still deeply rooted in tradition, family values and quality craftsmanship, '47 embraces the lessons the company’s history has taught them, using that wisdom to innovate and design the future of sports gear.