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Jordan accessories

Jordan as a brand very nearly didn’t happen. Throughout his early career, Michael Jordan wore Converse, not Nike, not even Adidas. When the time came to get himself a deal with a sports brand to make his own line of shoes, Jordan primarily wanted to work with Adidas. Instead of going straight to Adidas Jordan approached Nike for a leverage contract but when Adidas wouldn’t go out on a limb and sign an unproved rookie, Jordan had little choice but to work with Nike.

Jordan accessories – as popular as the shoes and clothing

It seems fair to suspect that neither Jordan nor Nike thought the Jordan brand would be as successful as it is today but it has quickly become one of the biggest selling sports brand in the world. Jordan has always focused on trainers, but the range consists of socks, bags, hats and a list of other sporting accessories.

The Jumpman logo emblazoned on Jordan’s lines – on accessories as well as shoes and clothing – might be all so familiar now, but that famous jump had nothing to do with Jordan’s playing style and is modelled on a ballet move that looked better than Jordan’s normal jump.
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