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Kreem accessories @KICKZ

Kreem is within a small group of clothing brands that seems to take a great pleasure in creating clothing and accessories that shock. Hip-hop culture goes right to the core of Kreem. Even their name comes from the song by Wu-Tang Clan, C.R.E.A.M. (which stands for Cash Rules Everything Around Me). Of course, they changed it slightly when they replaced the word Cash for the word Kicks (and also when they introduced the double e). Taking its origins from hip-hop culture, Kreem fits in with all the 90s stereotypes of to-the-point rappers who made big names for themselves by doing what they wanted to do.

No matter what others might think

From adorning their accessories and clothing with the F-word to making flagrant drug references on their accessories and clothing the other big influence for Kreem is graffiti culture. They don’t hide anything and put it on the front of a T-shirt or on a bag for all to see. Kreem accessories and other products are for individuals that aren’t scared about what people are young to say or think.