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Nike accessories @KICKZ

Nike is one of the biggest sportswear manufacturers in the world but for a long time the company has created accessories and clothing for both athletes and fashion enthusiasts. Nike was created by Phil Knight, a track athlete at the University of Oregon and his coach, Bill Bowerman back in 1964 but when they created the company, they were only looking to distribute Asics, not revolutionise the sporting goods world.

In the mid-60s, Nike started renting their first retail store so they could stop selling shoes from the back of their cars and in 1971, the Swoosh was first designed and the first Nike lines were put into production. The first products for Nike to create were track running shoes but over the years the amount of Nike products has exploded. Currently, Nike create everything sport related from shoes to jerseys, shorts, all types of sporting goods and a seeming never ending list of other accessories.

Over the years, Nike accessories have dictated a number of modern fashions, especially in hip-hop culture but they have always remained a staple of athletes from all sports.