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Adidas - All in

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Adidas - All in by KICKZ

Adidas is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sporting equipment and has deep roots in the game of basketball. The brand, iconic for their three stripes, changed the future of basketball sneakers drastically with their innovations during the early 70’s. Up until then, NBA players wore Converse All Stars, colloquially known as "Chucks”, however as the game developed, they were unable to keep up with the players demands. With the release of the "Superstar” Adidas introduced a shoe that would kick off a basketball sneaker revolution.

Adidas – Impossible is nothing

The low top "Superstar” was built from "Supergrip” and was the first basketball shoe made completely from genuine leather. This, combined with the rubber shell toe piece and the herringbone-system sole, made the shoe resistant, grippy and durable. By the mid 70’s around 3/4 of the league’s players were sporting the "Superstar” and in 1976, none other than legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar signed on with Adidas. From then until the mid 80’s their gear ruled the NBA. Today around 70 players rock their Adidas’ nightly. Among them are basketball greats Derrick Rose, John Wall and Damian Lillard- three explosive point guards. This not only added true point masters to the brand’s roster, but increased the brand’s credibility among die-hard basketball fans. Go all in with a pair of Adidas kicks.