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The Crazylight - full of boost

The Adidas Crazylight is built with herringbone traction and a forefoot roll cage, but the most interesting point of the shoe is the full-length boost feature. The Adidas Crazylight is the first shoe to use boost technology throughout the whole sole. In short, the Crazylight Boost uses an innovative material consisting of thousands of capsules that helps athletes store and release energy. Boost cushioning allows athletes to convert shock into power, and having this tech along the whole sole works perfectly with a high-powered sport like basketball.

The Crazylight marked the introduction of SprintWeb which helps keep the shoe light while providing both vertical and horizontal stability. This technology allows the shoe to be around 30-40% lighter than the average basketball shoe, making it the ultimate performance trainer.

The Adidas Crazylight is of course one of the best basketball shoes available, but its diverse selection of colourways makes it perfect both on the court and off.
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