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Adidas Originals – a line full of retro classics

Adidas Originals can be easily identified by the three leaves and three stripes of the famous Trefoil logo that has been used since the 1972 Munich Olympics. Originally used on all Adidas products, the Trefoil logo has now come to mean something quite different to the rest of Adidas’ products; mainly, it symbolises retro, classic clothing from between the 1940s to 1980s. Whatever decade it harks back to, there is always an old-school feel to the Originals line which is unique.

Sport and Adidas Originals have always gone hand in hand. The brand was truly born during the 1972 Munich Olympics where the majority of the athletes and spokespeople were adorned in Adidas’ Trefoil in one way or another. A list of sporting endorsements followed the Munich Olympics, but one in particular takes the spotlight – Stan Smith. Renaming the Adidas Haillet after Stan Smith came at the perfect time as the American went on to win Wimbledon, the US Open and a number of other trophies.

Outside the sporting world, the Adidas Originals range has had massive success in urban fashion. This is mainly because every time a decade comes in vogue, Adidas Originals already have a whole line of clothing that epitomise the style of that era. Most recently, the 90s resurgence has seen people across the world revisiting some of the Adidas classics like Bomber Jackets and Adidas Gazelles.
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Adidas Originals

The Adidas Originals’ Trefoil logo is one of the world’s most recognisable symbols and has been there since the 1970s. Here’s a few reasons why the iconic brand became as successful as it is:

The Adidas Trefoil logo was first unveiled during the 1972 Munich Olympics. During these Olympic Games around three quarters of all athletes wore Adidas shoes and Adidas could claim part credit for 35 gold medals, 37 silver and 35 bronze medals.

The Trefoil logo was universally used for Adidas products until 1997 when it was decided that it’d only be used for the Adidas Originals line.

The first Adidas Originals store was first opened in 2001 in Berlin, then later one was opened in Tokyo.

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