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Adidas Performance – everything for the sport

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Adidas Performance

With Adidas Performance, the sporting goods manufacturer has designed a line that is fully dedicated to high-performance sports. It is easy to recognise the products by the Performance logo – three diagonal bars. This was introduced in 1990 and created by the then creative director Peter Moore (who, by the way, also designed the Nike Air Jordan 1). Moore, of course, has kept this in mind with the design: the diagonally arranged bars symbolise a mountain that has to be climbed. This represents the challenges in sporting competitions and the individual stages that athletes have to conquer on their way to success.

Until the Adidas Performance logo was introduced, the familiar three-leaf logo was used primarily. This logo can still be seen today, but only on the Adidas Originals line. It makes it possible to see at a glance whether a product is a retro lifestyle classic or a sports performance model.

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Adidas Performance – everything for the sport

After the turn of the millennium, Adidas repositioned itself and as a result, introduced the Sport Performance line. Since then, shoes, clothing and accessories for every kind of sport have been distributed successfully as part of this line. Whether it’s basketball, football, running, swimming, tennis, golf or cycling – with more than 95 years of experience as a sporting goods manufacturer, you can be sure that every product is of outstanding quality. The Adidas Performance range is always based on the latest state of the art – innovative technologies and high-quality materials such as Gore-Tex®, ClimaCool and Coolmax ensure first-class breathability, ease of movement and a pleasant wearing experience. The Adidas Performance products help athletes deliver their best performance; instead of obstructing, they help you do what you do. This applies not only to Performance sportswear, but also to shoes and accessories. Affirmation of this comes from several professional athletes including the NBA players Damien Lillard and James Harden, whose signature shoes are made by Adidas. Other popular Performance trainers are the D Rose, the Crazylight Boost and the Crazy Explosive. During sporting activities, these ensure safe tread, good grip, rapid energy conversion, effective acceleration and excellent comfort. These qualities come from the innovative boost centre soles and the flexible and durable rubber soles of Performance shoes. Models with sock-like constructions also offer the foot a secure grip, even during high-action activities.