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Adidas Sale @KICKZ

At KICKZ’ Adidas sale you’ll find a wide range of reduced products from a world-renowned producer of sports gear. Starting out as a small family run business in south Germany, Adidas has grown into one of the biggest and most respected athletic apparel brands. Our Adidas sale is an ideal place for ballers and other athletes to find the highest quality gear at the most competitive prices. As our Adidas sale is constantly kept well stocked, it’s easy to create a whole outfit out of our items while keeping costs down.

Adidas sportswear

At KICKZ we know that it’s not only athletes that wear products like Adidas and so we offer a vast range of both performance clothing and fashion items. We don’t believe in just including unwanted items in our sales and we aim to stock the most fashionable clothing that is still in style. KICKZ’ Adidas sale has everything from t-shirts, jackets and basketball jerseys. You'll also find a wide selection of trainers, including iconic models like Adidas Superstars, Adidas Gazelles and Adidas Tubulars.

Adidas: A Brand with History

>>> mehr InfoFew clothing companies have as much history as Adidas. Starting out as a joint venture between two brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, Adidas started in a small town in south Germany in the 1920s. The brothers soon fell out and went their separate ways with one Rudolf creating Puma, and Adolf, also known as Adi, starting Adidas. Adidas got its first major sporting deal when Adi managed to win a contract for kitting out the German football team during the 1954 world cup. His innovative studs helped German’s team cope with heavy rain and muddy conditions and they went on to take the cup home, propelling Adidas into view of the public view. Since then, Adidas has been a hit with both sports stars and musicians alike. Celebrities like of RUN DMC and Noel Gallagher have helped make Adidas a cultural icon as well as a sporting staple. You’ll find both current and classic lines of trainers in the KICKZ Adidas sale, as well as t-shits and a range of sports gear. Check out what we have to offer from this historic sporting brand.