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Adidas Tubular

The Adidas Tubular is famous for its stripped-back silhouette and classic design, but did you know:

- the Adidas Tubular was based on and named after a tyre?

- Nic Galway, the shoe’s designer, was also the mastermind behind Y-3’s Qasa?

- the shoe was based on archived files from the 90s?

Adidas Tubular at KICKZ

The Adidas Tubular and its special kind of sole

The Adidas Tubular is not your typical shoe. In fact, when it was designed, Nic Galway looked back through Adidas’ archives and drew inspiration from multiple designs to create a bold new silhouette. Nic was fully aware that some of the most iconic trainers were created back in the 90s but often didn’t have the technology that is available today and that prevented them succeeding. The Adidas Tubular is a combination of classic designs and state-of-the-art technology in perfect harmony.

To design the shoe, Nic tried to strip back the essence of the Adidas Tubular and recreate what its original designers were trying to create; a shoe that followed the idea of walking on a tyre-like tube. The sole of the Adidas Tubular is created from two different densities of EVA foam cushioning which together give the impression of standing on a foam tyre. The dual densities of foam were originally based on airless tyres that are used in the Dakar Rally.

The Adidas Tubular now comes in a number of variants including the Tubular Runner, Nova, Defiant, Prime and a whole host of other silhouettes.