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Alife @KICKZ

Alife is a lifestyle label from New York City that is based on the concepts of art, creativity and original design. The four founders Tony, Amaud, Keefe and Rob, draw inspiration from the eclectic traditions and people of NYC; using those as sources to create their own individual style and the latest fashion trends. Alife’s aim is to mirror their passions in their collections. Their mission is to showcase their city and the ethos of the streets, engaging in and encouraging a cultural movement.

Alife – Artificial life

Since 2001, Alife have been producing their own line of outerwear, shirts, pants and accessories, or as they see it, wearable art. Believers that ‘the source of art is in the life of a person’, Alife’s team are not just designers, but singers, dancers, skaters, poets and painters. Curators of all that ‘Downtown’ embodies, their clothing is styled for urban settings and the street life. Their striking graphics and vivid prints are often provocative and bold, making a statement on sight. Perfect for people with a unique style, Alife is a fashion label with vision, innovation and character.