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Alpha Industries Clothing

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Alpha Industries Clothing by KICKZ

Alpha Industries is the world's leading brand for authentic flight wear and it is now celebrating its 50 anniversary. After more than 50 years of provided the US military with functional outerwear, Alpha Industries clothing has now also found many followers in the fashion industry. The brand became particularly famous for its nylon flight jackets and army field coats. Particularly impressive are the high quality materials and unconventional designs which have great detail and excellent workmanship. Originally these styles were developed specifically for the protection of US military pilots and soldiers and whilst they still serve those purposes today you can find them today in Alpha Industries clothing.

50 years of Alpha Industries Styles

One of the first women to wear the typical flight jacket was none other than Marilyn Monroe and the designs of Alpha Industries have continued to be popular right up to the present day. Over the years the jackets have been worn by Hollywood stars, rock stars, and world famous athletes who have only extended the reputation of the brand. Whether it be Clint Eastwood, David Beckham, Kanye West or Pharrell Williams, they are all owners of Alpha Industries clothing that lends a classic, authentic and high-quality aviator look. So whether it be for themselves or their families, these stars are happy to choose this brand and you too can now get Alpha Industries clothing online at KICKZ today.