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Apple equipment

Gadgets and Apple equipment, mainly phone cases, must have saved countless phones on the court over the years. All it takes is a stray ball or a phone left in a pocket to mean a cracked screen and an expensive game of ball. KICKZ is all about balling and has learnt from past experience that it’s far too easy break an iPhone during a game. Not to worry, KICKZ has your back.

Apple equipment like mobile phone cases means that you can leave your phone on the side lines playing music without the worry of a ball hitting and breaking your screen but obviously, it’s not just on the court where your phone has the chance to get smashed. It seems that anyone without a protective case for their apple equipment also has a broken screen.
Equipment for your phones and tablets isn’t just a protective thing, it also makes them look a lot more interesting. Stand out from the crowd with products by Native Union, Herschel and In Case.
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