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The Asics Sale @KICKZ

Asics has a long tradition of designing trainers specifically for sport, but the idea behind them came from an unexpected place. While eating dinner one day, Kihachiro Onitsuka saw that a tentacle from his octopus soup was stuck to the bottom of his bowl. This is when it hit him – why don’t I design shoes that help athletes stick to the ground? And that’s just what he did. Lucky for us!
Onitsuka found great success with his novel way of producing sports trainers. First the winner of the Boston Marathon crossed the finish line wearing a pair of his shoes, next the Japanese women’s volleyball team won hold in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics in trademark tiger striped Onitsukas.

Since the 70s, when Asics was formed from joining with two other companies, Onitsuka’s octopus inspired company has gone on to help countless athletes win countless medals. Now Asics are world famous for their quality and effectiveness in a wide range of sports. At our Asics sale, you can find selection of trainers from the iconic brand all at a fraction of their normal price.

Sporting legacy from our Asics sale

To celebrate the Asics sale at KICKZ, here’s a few achievements of athletes that have worn the iconic Japanese trainers:

1964 – Japanese women’s Volleyball team win gold in the Tokyo Olympics

1967 – Derek Clayton breaks the world record for the marathon

1968 – Kenji Kimihara wins silver in the marathon at the Mexico City Olympic games while wearing Magic Runners

1972 – Lasse Viren wins gold at the Munich Olympics

2011 – Deena Kastor wins the LA Half Marathon

2016 – Monica Puig beats German’s Angelique Kerber and wins Puerto Rico’s first Olympic gold medal

Check out our range of Asics sale items for your own piece of athletic history at tiny prices.