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Baracuta @KICKZ

Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley – they all wore the G9 from Baracuta. Now you can buy the cool jackets from Baracuta in our KICKZ Online Shop. The first Baracuta factory was opened in Manchester as early as 1937. Since its foundation, the brand has stood for best quality and high-quality material. Baracuta's rainproof clothing became popular in the mid-1940s, mainly through the distribution of print ads of the face of Lord Lovat, who was one of Britain's most famous soldiers and commanders. This contributed to the growing success of the company and in 1950 the jackets were also exported to the USA and Canada.

Known faces for Baracuta

>>> mehr InfoNot only well-known actors like Ryan O'Neal or Steve McQueen exemplify style by wearing the brand's jackets. The English national team also wore the raincoats of Baracuta in the year of their 1966 World Championship victory. But football is not the only sport— a number of golf jackets are also designed in cooperation with Arnold Palmer. The series of well-known personalities working for and with Baracuta is further established by designer Tom Gilbey, with whom a ready-to-wear collection was developed in 1971.

G9 – probably the best known Harrington jacket

John Miller, the owner of the textile factory Baracuta, created the iconic Harrington jacket in 1937. Since the American actor Ryan O'Neal wears the blouson in the series Payton Place, which is broadcast during the 60's, and he embodies the character Rodney Harrington, the jacket has from then on only been called the Harrington jacket. Characteristics of the jacket are the stand-up collar and the lining with checkered pattern. The blouson is also waterproof and windproof, making it perfect for outdoor use in all weathers. Miller named the jacket G9. Today, however, nobody knows how the name came about. Before the jacket was worn by the masses, fans of subcultures such as punks, rockabillys, mods and skas were the main groups who would wport the cool garment from Baracuta. The design of the G9, i.e. the cut and the pockets, cuffs, etc., has remained true since 1937 and so the classic still lives on today. And while the Harrington jacket is Baracuta's flagship, that doesn't mean that the brand doesn't have other products in its range. You can find some of them here in our online shop. Look around now and equip yourself with a high-quality jacket of the cult brand!