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Get ready to play! KICKZ basketball shoes

Basketball shoes have come a long way since their creation in the early 1900's. The father of all basketball shoes - the pairs originally made by Converse - were a straight forward shoe made with a chunky rubber sole and black and brown canvas. The gear developed, as did the game, and companies were creating advanced shoes with the ability to help players with their game before long. The hot 'must haves' became shoes with air in the soles, to ensure players nailed their jump shots, layups and the ever celebrated dunks.

Be the next MJ! Basketball shoes at KICKZ online.

What you play with is as critical as how you play, all great players know this. You can be sure to find a basketball shoe that is great for your on court game, with top of the line brands such as: Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Under Armor, Jordan's and more. Become the best you can be and get in the game! The shoes make the man, with new basketball shoes from KICKZ.
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Basketball shoes with high quality standard

We have basketball shoes in sizes 32 to 52 1/2, in the price range of EUR 29 to 220 on offer. A variety of models from different brands are available in all sorts of colours. It all just depends on your personal preference and what you expect from basketball shoes.

Benefit from top quality, guaranteed by the manufacturers and be assured that only the best materials are used to produce the basketball shoes you can buy from us online. But you don't just shop inexpensively with us, you shop well, since we don't compromise on quality. This reassures you.

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You are welcome to contact us with any questions.We are always available on email. Feel free to have a look at our FAQ, if you need info or have certain questions, e.g. on basketball shoes.

Our delivery time is between one and six work days, so you can try your new basketball shoes on in no time. Exactly how long it takes for you to get your basketball shoes, depends on which warehouse we send them from. Within Germany, we send you the ordered products free-of charge, for your shopping to be as cheap as possible. Returns also won't cost you a penny.

Payment options for basketball shoes wants to offer you the greatest flexibility possible, when it comes to payment options as well. You can conveniently pay for trendy, quality basketball shoes by credit card; we accept Visa and MasterCard. You can do a payment in advance; one of the most popular payment methods used by our customers though is PayPal. With this online provider, you can transfer the money for your basketball shoes straight to us - easy peasy.