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Basketball stuff at KICKZ

Basketball stuff is the same with any sport stuff – the best athletes out there can’t perform to their top ability without the right gear. Basketballs are no exception to this. Without the right ball or with one which is a bad quality, it’s obvious that the game isn’t going to go to plan.

The basketball has evolved over the years like no other sports ball. When Dr. James Naismith invented the sport in 1891 the players used a football but three years later the sport got its very own ball. For the first ball, Naismith approached A.G Spalding & Bros who created a leather ball with laces that weighed just over half a kilogram. Around the 1950s basketballs lost their laces and got an extra four panels to make it an eight-panel ball.

The game of basketball and basketball stuff is always developing side by side. When streetball became much more prominent, companies like Spalding started making balls just for the street. Of course, K1X, being born from a love for streetball, made its own mark and have brought out a number of basketball stuff like quality balls over the years.
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