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Trendy beanie hats

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Trendy beanie hats by KICKZ

The beanie hat is probably one of the most chic and trendy hats now. This type of hats is loved by youngsters and elderly, sportsmen and stars, students and businessmen. It is said, beanie hats were initially worn by blue collars (welders, carpenters and mechanics), because they had to have their hair hidden. In the UK and the US beanies became a compulsory element of school uniforms after some time. Beanie hats have gone through several transformations in recent years and became almost a cult object.

Beanie hats - universal and cool

In modern times beanies are worn by half of the world, and it is easy to see why. It is a perfect accessory during the winter and fall months, but may be worn in the summer time as well. Beanie hats can be included in nearly every outfit and, what is more, they are very beautiful and functional. You can combine this hat with anything you want - numerous designers think that it is one of the most universal garments on Earth. Here at KICKZ you can find beanies for every taste: sports beanies with poms and luxury ones, made of wool and cotton cloth, bright and simplistic.