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Black Scale Clothing @KICKZ

Black Scale, also written Blvck Scvle, was founded in 2007 in San Francisco by Alfred De Tagle and Michael ’Mega‘ Yabut. At the time both were working as managers in the San Francisco HUF store. They began to design T-shirts which were much darker than the shirts at HUF and anything else that you see on the streets. They were able to offer the Black Scale shirts in shop, but demand quickly exceeded demand, meaning that they had to extend their offering to other businesses. What began as a part-time project thus grew so fast that the HUF boss Keith Hufnagel finally called time and eventually threw Yabut out. He did not resent Hufnagel for the dismissal but rather saw as a great opportunity as he was then able to devote his full attention to properly develop the brand into more than just tshirts but a full Black Scale clothing range.

Black Scale: celebrated by musicans and artists

One of the hallmarks of Black Scale are the spectacular collaborations. Just two examples of the creative input are the collaborations with rapper A$AP Rocky and tattoo artist Jun Cha. The Black Scale clothing designs reflect the balance between light and shadow, day and night, truth and falsehood, life and death, which can be seen throughout the range of Black Scale clothing. The designers draw inspiration from the government, death and religion amongst others. They encourage consumers to question common conventions and try to evoke emotions by being provocative in order to stimulate a dialogue and thus find their own truth. You will be hard pressed to find a darker style than Black Scale clothing.