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Born x Raised @KICKZ

Spanto and 2tone were two Los Angeles natives that shared a common distaste for how their hometown was changing. Driven by a mutual anger over the continued gentrification of LA, they created the clothing label Born x Raised as an outlet to express their strong opinions and artistic voices. Aiming to be the founders of a social movement and not just a brand, their authenticity is apparent in their street wear’s daring designs, gritty imagery and raw sexuality. Heavily influenced by Latino culture and Los Angeles gangs, their clothing is typified by bold black and white symbols and even bolder messages.

Born x Raised - Locals only

Born x Raised preaches the idea of being proud of where you are from, wherever that may be. Their original design expressed this with "Gentrification is genocide” accompanied by the image of a native American Indian in traditional dress. Despite their success, they still carry that original grass roots belief with them still. Spanto and 2tone produce everything in-house themselves, from their clothing designs to their seasons lookbooks. Born x Raised continues to practice the ideas they preach, while establishing themselves as fashion pioneers. Become part of their movement at KICKZ online.