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Boxfresh – a famous British streetwear brand

New ideas, fresh look at traditions and contemporary thinking - all this is very typical for Boxfresh, a famous British streetwear brand. The company was founded by Roger Wage at the end of the 1980’s, when the garage, dubstep and grime movements were at their peak. Boxfresh incorporates the ideas and views of the rebellious youth counterculture and still bears the imprint of the underground spirit. The company originally started with sourcing t-shirts and work wear from the USA, but they soon got their own manufacture. Nowadays Boxfresh has a huge range of different products to suit any taste: shoes, clothing and accessories for both men and women.

Boxfresh: stay different, stay on trend!

Boxfresh says: "The city is our home and our greatest inspiration”, and that’s so true! The aim of the company is to create stylish and comfortable pieces of clothing and footwear that can be worn not only for casual daywear but also while playing some urban sports. Boxfresh always pleases their customers by offering first-class quality, unique design and a wide variety of models – all this ensures the success of the brand.