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Brixton @KICKZ

Brixton is a collaboration by three friends who simply named their brand after the area of London they come from. They were motivated to convey their lifestyle through unique products and to bring these to their customers. Inspired by music, culture and the environment around them, they founded Brixton, a streetwear brand, in 2004. It focuses on timeless design that cleverly combines classic and modern elements.

I'm a take your grandpa's style

The three founders of the company are bowled over by retro-style hats and caps: grandpa style. As they could not buy these in their area, they simply began to create their own designs, thus founding the Brixton label. Each piece is manufactured with the aim of supplying a high-quality product to the customer, who will want to keep it forever. Thanks to their philosophy, in just a short time the three friends have managed to make a strong impression on the international fashion press and people on the street. As a result, Brixton has become one of the most interesting brands of recent years.