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Calvin Klein Jeans @KICKZ

Lifestyle. Ideals. Aesthetics. Minimalism. All this is embodied in the designs for men and women by Calvin Klein Jeans, which you can find in our KICKZ online shop. The brand, which today has many well-known faces, was founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz. Calvin Klein's first collection was a series of young, unobtrusive coats and dresses sold in a New York City store. The brand quickly became known and so Calvin Klein himself was featured on the cover of Vogue one year later. Later also blazers, sportswear and – for which the label is probably most famous today – underwear were added. The label's designer jeans, with their simple Calvin Klein lettering on the back pocket, also quickly became popular.

Revolution in the 1980s

In the 1980s, Calvin Klein fundamentally changed the underwear market for men in the USA with his boxer shorts. Packed in white and as a set of 3, the boxer shorts were sold worldwide and brought the brand international fame. The minimalistic design is mainly embodied by the logo on the waistband. Ten years later, John Varvatos, head of the design department for men, invented a new form of men's underwear with the Boxer Briefs.

Clean looks, cool prints, timeless fit

The collections of Calvin Klein Jeans for men and women stand out because of their diversity. The designs are a perfect reflection of the puristic and unconventional style of Calvin Klein Jeans. In our KICKZ online shop you can choose from many different T-shirts, jeans, crewnecks, hoodies, polo shirts, jackets and of course the underwear line with the lettering of the label on the waistband. There is something for everyone here. Whether logo t-shirt, sweater or jacket - with us you will find the perfect outfit for every occasion. You're perfectly dressed with tight-fitting jeans, classic underpants and a casual hoodie. The unisex scent, which was launched at the end of the 80s, can give your appearance the last touch. Accessories such as belts, watches, bags or sunglasses are also produced by Calvin Klein.

Own style

Calvin Klein has always done his own thing and has not surrendered to the constraints of the fashion industry. For example, he did not work with runway models for his fashion shows, because in his opinion they did not correspond to his aesthetics in their appearance. That's why he decided to work with models who had previously worked as photo models, which corresponded much more to his style. All this, that is, the unconventional, is still reflected today in the designs of the New York City-based label.