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Brixton caps @KICKZ

You’d be forgiven for thinking the clothing company Brixton came straight out of south London but the Clash song "Guns of Brixton”, where the southern Californians took the name from, says a whole lot about the company. Founded in 2004, Brixton takes inspiration for their headgear from counter-cultures, road trips round southern California, vintage fashions and basically whatever caps the guys at Brixton like wearing at the time.

Brixton all started out in 2004 when founder, David Stoddart and his two business partners starting creating hats out of David’s garage. Before that, the trio were working for Transworld SKATEboarding magazine all in different departments. At the start, they worked at Transworld during the day and worked on Brixton products, including caps, by night, but one by one they left their day jobs so they could concentrate on bringing Brixton out of the garage.

In the beginning, Brixton started out only producing hats but over the years they branched out into caps, but also flannels, then jackets, then into a wide range of clothing and accessories. Their idea always revolved around the idea of walking into a pub, hanging up your hat and jacket and them still looking good hanging up by the side of you – perhaps because of this, Brixton has always stayed to headgear.