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Jordan caps

Michael Jordan didn’t grow up wearing Nike, he didn’t even grow up wearing Adidas, he grew up wearing Converse and even wore them during the Olympics. When the time came for Jordan to get himself a deal with a company that could make his line of shoes, he initially wanted to work with Adidas and approached Nike for a deal to use as leverage. When Adidas were unable to match the deal the rookie had made with Nike, Jordan had no choice but to work with them instead.

Neither Jordan nor Nike knew how successful this contract would be – but it turned out to be one of the most fruitful deals ever made between sportsperson and clothing brand. Obviously, the main focus was always on Jordan’s line of shoes but over the years the Jordan brand has become increasingly more diverse with all sorts of sports gear including of course hats, snapbacks and caps.

The Jumpman logo on all of Jordan’s products, including caps, looks all so natural now, but that famous jump is actually a ballet move that looked better than Jordan’s normal jump. Jordan caps now come in pretty much any shapes, sizes and colours, but always with that famous logo taking pride of place.
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