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K1X caps @KICKZ

K1X started out in 1993 with a few T-shirts being sold out the back of a pick-up truck in Munich – from then the company has gone from strength to strength and has become a global name. Everything by K1X is inspired by the founder’s love for basketball, including their snapback caps. K1X caps are produced specifically with streetball games in mind and are made of light, breathable materials.

K1X sees itself as a bridge between hip-hop and basketball culture and it has been successfully achieving this for the last 2 decades. The guys that started the company all came from a background of listening to hip-hop and playing a huge about of street basketball in and around the Munich area; because of this everything that K1X does has a thorough Brooklyn feel about it, also their caps. While it might seem strange that this streetwear brand has come from a city in Germany’s Bavaria, because of their background they always stay real.

In the past K1X has teamed up with New Era, one of the biggest names in the cap industry, showing that when it comes to headgear, they mean business. Since Meta World Peace started sporting K1X their streetwear has skyrocketed in popularity.