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Carhartt-WIP – a brand with a rich history

Carhartt-WIP has been a trustworthy brand for more than 125 years, and that's something that most businesses can't claim for themselves. They literally started up with 2 sewing machines and only 5 employees, this was in the year 1889. Hamilton Carhartt began his company, Hamilton Carhartt & Company. In the beginning, things weren't looking too great, and Hamilton Carhartt had to deal with a few financial issues; but his motto "honest value for an honest dollar” still remains true for the brand. By 1910, Hamilton had expanded his franchise growth into the regions of South Carolina and Georgia (by the way of mills).

Carhartt-WIP – Stay active!

Carhartt-WIP produces high quality outdoor equipment for people who are always active, whether you are biking on your favorite trails or simply going on a lengthy hike. They offer flame-resistant options as well, so industrial workers are going to find absolutely everything they're looking for through the use of this brand. Carhartt-WIP appeals to all genders, as well as all age groups. Both woman and men can get their fill out outdoor clothing, as well as kids. They made sure to bring a broad array of products to the table, because it allows them to appeal to as many different demographics as possible.