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Carhartt-WIP Clothing @KICKZ

In 1889 in Dearborn, Michigan, Hamilton Carhartt founded a company in Dearborn of the same name to provide clothing for factory and railroad workers. Equipped with many handy pockets and made from particularly robust and durable materials, the overalls and jeans were specially geared to the needs of the workers. Steadily the company grew, as the demand for clothing continued. Even today Carhartt-WIP workwear still belongs to the most popular products from this brand. In the 90s Carhartt-WIP also became popular with skaters, who liked the high quality jeans, t-shirts and jumpers. They gained worldwide recognition by simplifying their designs to give a fashionable streetwear look. They were soon discovered by BMXers, snowboarders, and hip hop artists who liked the comfortable clothing and Carhartt-WIP workwear.

Carhartt-WIP clothing for your look

In 2005, it was voted the most popular fashion brand ever by readers of the music magazine ‘de:bug’. The company of course reacted to this and has now developed more new products directed at this audience. Countless designers are constantly working to identify the latest trends in urban clothing and to bring them to their own shirts and shorts. The style is now then distinguished by comfortable cuts and clear designs, which you can also find in Carhartt-WIP clothing. Today Carhartt-WIP is one of the most popular streetwear brands. The company founder Hamilton Carhartt would undoubtedly be pleased with the new direction and target group that Carhartt-WIP clothing has opened up, even if that was not his original goal.