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Casio @KICKZ

Casio has long since been an industry giant when it comes to technology. In 1946, Kashio Seisakujo was founded in Tokyo by Kashio Tadao, and with the help of his three brothers, they developed it into the global brand that we know it as today. Originally a small factory that made micro gears and other parts, the enterprising Tadao brothers were soon creating inventions of their own. Starting with a humble ring finger pipe, they moved on to electronics, making Japan’s first electronic calculator in 1954. After establishing themselves over the years as tech market leaders, they decided to diversify their business by creating timepieces, and in 1974, they released their first electronic wrist watch - the Casiotron.

Casio - Technology for life

Casio watches have only gained in popularity since the 70’s. Known for their high-quality materials, advanced technology and affordable price, they continue to be some of the most fashionable and favoured timepieces on the market. At KICKS online we feature a variety of Casio watches for men and women. With a range of designs, sizes, functions and colours there is something to suit all tastes. Tell the time in style with a timeless timepiece from Casio.